AI in health care: Closing the gap between research and applications

This week, I had the privilege to speak to Tina Manoharan, Global Lead Data Science and AI Center of Excellence and Digital Research Division at Philips, about the promises and challenges of artificial intelligence in health care.

Tina has experience in both AI research and the application of AI innovations to real-world health applications and workflows. Some of the key points we discussed:

  • The need for AI models to make sense of the explosion of data in health

  • Current applications of AI in MRI scans, ICUs, and more

  • The workflow, infrastructural, legal, and financial hurdles of applying AI to real health care settings

  • The future of AI in health care

Read the full interview here.

In case you’re interested in learning more about AI in health care, read my two-part interview with Dr. Eric Topol, the author of the critically acclaimed Deep Medicince. In the first part, we discussed how AI will make the doctor-patient relation more human. In the second part, we discussed how our growing data footprint, increased use of wearables, and advances in AI will improve patients’ ability to care for themselves.