What does Stretch mean for the future of Boston Dynamics?

This week, Boston Dynamics, the company better known for entertaining videos of its robots Spot, Atlas, and Handle, revealed a new robot called Stretch. Stretch does none of the tricks of its predecessors. It doesn’t dance, it doesn’t backflip, and it can’t navigate uneven terrain.

Instead, it does a very specific task: Pick up boxes of up to 23 kilograms and move them around warehouses.

At first glance, Stretch seems like a setback in comparison to the previous robots Boston Dynamics has created. But when looked at from a business perspective, Stretch can be the company’s most successful product.

In my latest column on TechTalks, I analyzed Stretch’s business model, why it could turn Boston Dynamics into a profitable company, and what it could mean for the future of the company’s research on advanced robots.

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