Sitemap - 2022 - TechTalks Newsletter

Self-attention for TinyML

Adversarial attacks in constrained-feature domains

Can humans and machines understand each other?

Review: Machine Learning with PyTorch and Scikit-Learn

Inside Philips' effort to reinvent itself as a health-tech leader

Teaching GPT-3 to express its uncertainty

Enterprise AI is becoming mainstream

Exploring the emergent abilities of large language models

Membership inference attacks against deep RL

The implications of Amazon's acquisition of iRobot

To reach "common sense," AI might need to take a step back

Democratizing LLMs needs a revolution in AI hardware

A tale of AI dichotomies

LLMs vs long-term planning tasks

The information singularity is coming

BLOOM, AI research culture, and the problems of LLMs

Zero-shot reasoning with large language models (with some caveats)

The business model of GitHub Copilot

Why large language models fail at logical reasoning

Instead of AI sentience, let's discuss human compatibility

Model-free vs model-based reinforcement learning

How to succeed in enterprise AI

Why businesses shouldn't chase AGI

Will Microsoft eat Hugging Face?

Undetectable ML backdoors are a serious concern

Why large language models are inherently undemocratic

Deep learning for deformable object manipulation

An AI concept that combines brains and computers

A gentle introduction to transformer networks

What it means to be "AI-first"

A fake law firm with GAN-generated lawyers

A TinyML model for real-time object detection

What you need to know about OpenAI DALL-E 2

From "brain in jar" to "AI in cloud"

Hybrid model-based and model-free RL achieves superior performance

How no-code ML is democratizing AI

Humans should be at the center of AI

What if AI had another name?

The neuro-symbolic solution to common sense

Yann LeCun's vision for the future of self-supervised learning

An introduction to neural architecture search (NAS)

The hidden (human) side of algorithms

How individual AI will improve brain health

Why competitions are a bad measure for AI

Why DeepMind AlphaCode doesn't compare to human programmers

AI, the brain, and cognitive plausibility

The J-curve of artificial intelligence

Do deep learning models understand language?

Thinking fast and slow in AI

Convolutional networks on microcontrollers

The age of AI-ism

The future of voice assistants

How to bring reinforcement learning to the real world

The case for individual AI